4 Easy Beginner Sheet Music For 7 String Pentatonic Lyre Harp

Amazing grace | Swing low, sweet chariot | Colour of the wind | Auld Lang Syne

Most Requested Kalimba Pieces 17 & 21 key (sheet music & video)

Hallelujah | Somewhere over the rainbow | Imagine | What a wonderful world | River flows in you | Kiss The Rain | Mad world | Always with me

How To Get A Good Sound From A Tongue Drum

Here are some tips to improve the sound of your steel tongue drum, it will sound a lot better as you practice more.

5 Easy Pieces for Mini 8 Note Steel Tongue Drum

Tutorial + Sheet music - Amazing Grace | You Are My Sunshine | Twinkle Twinkle Little Star | Santa Claus Is Coming To Town | Lullaby 

Easy Kalimba Sheet Music Made For 8 Key Pentatonic Kalimba

Pentatonic scale is relaxing and balanced, perfect for meditation and improvisation. Here are 7 short pieces made for 8 key pentatonic kalimba. 

Castle In The Sky Tongue Drum Video + Sheet Music

"No matter how many weapons you have, no matter how great your technology might be, the world cannot live without love."

Spirited Away Always With Me - Kalimba Cover Video + Sheet Music

 "Once you've met someone you never really forget them." 

Hluru 14" 9-Note Mini Handpan Maintenance Guide

The Hlurur mini handpan It's a very sturdy instrument, easy to clean and hardly rust. Compared to the standard sized handpan, this mini one is sup...

Simple Kalimba Song Tabs For Beginner

Some simple yet sweet songs you can play with your kalimba ✨ Twinkle little star Castle in the sky You are my sunshine  Color of the wind  Amazing ...

Kalimba Buyer's Guide

What is the difference between all kinds of kalimbas? Does the type of wood have a huge impact on the tone? What is the best kalimba for beginners?

Why Kalimba Is An Amazing Instrument For Everyone

Kalimba is super easy-to-learn. A perfect gift for yourself, family and friend ❤︎