Product care & warranty

We offer one-year warranty & 30 days unconditional return guarantee on all Instruments

What is not covered in the warranty

  • Defects and damages due to loss, theft, fire, water, or a natural disaster
  • Failure or damage caused by improper use, carelessness (knocks, dents, crushing, etc.), or accidents
  • Failure or damage caused by unjustifiable repair or modification
  • Aesthetical changes, defects, and damages due to normal wear and tear.

Care and maintenance for Lyre harp & Kalimba

All the wood instruments need proper care. Cold weather, air conditioning, wind, direct sunlight, leaving in the box for too long or not cleaning after playing can increase the instrument's risk of damage. 

In general, traditional string instruments need more care as the wood hold more tension. However, Kalimba and lyre harp are relatively small instruments, which are less troublesome to take care of than other instruments. But there are still a few things that need to keep in mind :D

1. After playing, dry the instrument thoroughly with the cloth in the box, preventing any moisture from soaking into the wood.

2. Please prevent extreme temperature changes. Especially don't leave your instrument in the cold. Also, don't leave the instrument in the hot sun in the summer or a vehicle.

3. Please prevent any drops or other severe shocks to the instrument.

4. Play it more😃  Instruments are made for playing, so play it as often as you can is actually the best way to take care of it!

Kalimba sometimes sounds a bit different due to humidity and temperature. Also, if the keys are not in the right place, it might make a buzzing sound, but it can be fixed easily. Please check the user caring guide in the instruction booklet for more details.


Care and maintenance for Steel drum & Handpan

The steel drum and handpan could stay in tune for many years with reasonable care and proper storage. 

With sudden temperatures change or direct sunlight. The drum might go out of tune slightly for a short period. But it will be back in tune when the environment is back to normal.

Please make sure never to put heavy objects on top of the drum. And the Ding of the handpan needs to face up all the time. Extreme high pressure on the Ding or the cut will change the tuning.

If the tuning changes and it doesn't bounce back after days, it is fixable in most cases. Please get in touch with us, and we will help you with the tuning.