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To Love's End Tongue Drum Sheet Music (2 versions)

To Love's End Tongue Drum Sheet Music (2 versions) - Little Kalimba Shop

To Love's End Tongue Drum Sheet Music (15 note)

There are 2 versions of the "To the Loves End" tongue drum video. Both were played by inspiring musician April Yang. The first video is played on a 15-note tongue drum, and the second is a double drum version.

Drums in both videos are tuned in D major, but you can use the sheet music on any major-tuned tongue drums. The notes in both versions are 90% the same but in different octaves. Here is the sheet music for both versions.

*Find the sheet music confusing? We got you covered. Here is a beginner's guide on how to read tongue drum sheet music like the one below.

tongue drum sheet music to love's end

Many people prefer the double drum version. Why? Getting those high notes spot-on with the 15-note drum can be a workout. It's not impossible, but it does take a fair amount of practice to get them as crystal clear as April does. The beauty of the double drum version is the inclusion of a smaller drum for those high notes. This little addition gives the song more depth and a balanced sound that's easy on the ears.

tongue drum sheet music to love's end
If you find the full version too hard to follow, please check out the following youtube short video for the short version.

To Love's End double tongue drum by April Yang (short version)

The sheet music/tabs are at the end of the video, and you can take a screenshot to save it lol

Happy druming🌿



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I would like to buy the 6-11 note drum, along with sheet music. Could you please send me the link to finding the sheet music for this drum?

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