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How To Hold The Lyre Harp

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How to Hold the Lyre Harp: Techniques and Tips for New Players

Suppose you've just become the proud owner of your first lyre harp. In that case, you're likely wondering how to hold this beautifully crafted instrument. The unique shape and playing style of the lyre can initially appear awkward, especially when you eager to play with both hands. Rest assured, though, you're not alone, here are several techniques to explore for a more effortless experience.

Placing the Lyre Harp Between Your Legs

Many musicians adopt the method of placing the lyre harp between their legs to maintain stability while playing. This technique frees up both hands to strum and pluck the strings, creating the harmonious sounds this instrument is known for. 


Supporting the Lyre Harp from one side

An alternative approach is supporting the lyre harp from the back with your left hand. This method allows your right hand to freely maneuver around the strings while your left hand maintains stability and adds a few notes. In addition, adding a pillow underneath the lyre harp would elevate the lyre harp to a more comfortable angle for playing.

Firm Grasp with the Left Hand

However, as any experienced musician will tell you, comfort and ease come with practice. You might feel neither of the above methods feels quite right as an absolute beginner. In that case, you may adopt a third method (my favourite). You can grasp the harp firmly with your left hand, which provides a stable and comfortable hold, while the right hand do most of the playing. The drawback is that your left hand's mobility can be limited, and you can only add a few base notes for the melody (It still sounds awesome lol)

Add a Strap for Extra Security

Thanks to a fantastic customer who found an exciting Youtube video of adding a strap for the lyre harp (you can use a ukulele strap, scarf, skinny tie or any kind of rope really😆). You can wrap the strap around your wrist while playing, adding extra security and looks amazing at the same time. So creative! 

Practice Makes Perfect

Remember lyre harp is not a standardized instrument. Each player's hold is as unique as their music, so find what feels most comfortable and efficient. And yes, it definitely requires practice, so keep at it with a smile! No matter which way you prefer - it's your music, your style. Happy strumming ❤

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