Most Requested Kalimba Pieces 17 & 21 key (sheet music & video)

Most Requested Kalimba Pieces 17 & 21 key (sheet music & video) - Little Kalimba Shop

Here are some all time favourite pieces we found on YouTube (17 & 21 key kalimbas) 


There are a lot of Kalimba tutorial videos and sheet music online. However, we had many feedbacks from our customers that they either have a hard time finding the piece they want to play or many online learning materials are too complicated to follow. So we built this blog based on the most requested kalimba pieces from our customers✨

We have tried many sheet music and tabs on different platform, and the following videos are the versions that we think are better arranged and relatively easy to learn. A big thank you to all the creators of the videos, and we have linked their channels down below. Please go check out if you like their videos!

Some helpful tips in case you don't know it already

- How to read kalimba tabs

(Made by YouTuber Maenichie

- How to slow down video speed

It might be hard to follow the kalimba tabs with the original speed.You can slow down the video by change the setting. Here are two screenshots on how to change your video speed.

how to slow down video speed to help follow the kalimba tabs

how to slow down video speed to help follow the kalimba tabs


Sheet music for 17 key Kalimbas

*These kalimba tabs can also used on 21 key kalimbas by following the number and letters.


- Hallelujah🙏🏼

(made by YouTuber Pearl Patricio)

 (kalimba tabs on the screen)


- Somewhere over the rainbow 🌈

(made by YouTuber Rhona Tagle)

(kalimba tabs on the screen) 


- Imagine 🕊

(made by YouTuber Jay-R Paulo)

(kalimba tabs on the screen) 


- River flows in you - Yiruma

(made by YouTuber Marsmielle

(kalimba tabs on the screen)



- What a wonderful world☘️

(made by YouTuber Eva Auner)

(made by YouTuber Eva Auner | need re-tuning check the video description) 


- Always with me (Spirited away)

(Sheet music made by April Yang)

Sheet music for 21 key Kalimbas


- Kiss The Rain - Yiruma🌧

(made by YouTuber Eva Auner)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCirJ1z7Rp0&t=0s (listen)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5Q7VlXYAqo (sheet music)


- Mad world🌻

(made by YouTuber Kalimba Om

(kalimba tabs in the description)



Enjoy :D

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