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Castle In The Sky Tongue Drum Video + Sheet Music

Castle In The Sky Tongue Drum Video + Sheet Music - Little Kalimba Shop

We made a beginner tongue drum sheet music for this lovely song (recommend for 15 tone drum). Simply find the corresponding numbers on your drum. Play them phrase by phrase, you will have a beautiful melody in no time. 

beginner sheet music for tongue drum

If you want more challenge, try the following more advanced sheet music. The sheet music is arranged by talented YouTuber April Yang (as in the above video).

beginner tongue drum sheet musicbeginner tongue drum sheet music

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Sandee Irvine

Sandee Irvine

Hi :) I am writing because I am very excited I have just ordered my very first Hilary drum 14” 15” D Major and keen to get some sheet music if possible please I am in love with two songs you have shown “End of Love” and “castle in the sky”, I think this will be awesome I love these songs and find it very relaxing I’m keen 💞 can’t wait until drum arrives 💞💞💞

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