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Beginner's Guide to Steel Tongue Drum: Easy Sheet Music and Practice Tips

Beginner's Guide to Steel Tongue Drum: Easy Sheet Music and Practice Tips - Little Kalimba Shop
Welcome to our mini tutorial on how to play steel tongue drums for beginners. Diving into the peaceful world of the steel tongue drum? You've landed in the perfect spot. We've prepared a selection of easy-to-follow sheet music and practical tips specifically for beginners. So let's embark on your musical journey with this beautiful instrument!

steel tongue drum sheet music tabs for beginners

steel tongue drum sheet music fro beginners

Ready for some more advanced tunes? Here are more free learning materials on our website 

Colours of the wind (for tongue drums 13 notes or more)

Alwasy with me (for 15 note tongue drum)

Castle in the sky (for 15 note tongue drum)

Pipa Language  (for 15 note tongue drum) 


Got the hang of the essential sheet music and practice tips from our site? Brilliant! There's a universe of free resources just waiting for you to explore. YouTube is a real treasure trove for steel tongue drum fans, stuffed with helpful tutorials, mesmerising performances, and hands-on lessons.

We will be adding more sheet music for tongue drums in this blog. Please check back or follow us on Facebook, Instagram @littlekalimbashop, we upload sheet music, videos and mini tutorials for our lovely instruments regularly.

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Joyce Lillyin

Joyce Lillyin

Can i print out the sheet music? I am having such wonderful fu with all three of the instruments I have bought. Thank you Joyce

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