GECKO Kalimba Mini 8 Key Camphor/Mahogany

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Best Easy-to-Learn Musical Instrument

Kalimba with beautiful design & ethereal sound

The kalimba is modeled after the ancient African musical instruments called mbira. Whereas the mbira was originated in central and southern Africa around 1000BC. The varying styles of kalimba and mbira has endured for thousands of years and had numerous layouts, designs, and tunings.

As a result, this instrument produces a warm ethereal sound that feels "like nature in a box". And most importantly, the experience of playing kalimba will truly help you to relax and unwind. This article talks about why kalimba is an amazing instrument for everyone!

Need a little help on choosing the right kalimba? Here is a little kalimba buyer's guide made just for you.

High-end material:

Gecko kalimba has exquisite workmanship with excellent clear sound and touch. These 8 key mini kalimbas are made of two types of tone wood, camphor and mahogany.

*The decoration tassel and strap will sent in random colors (green or red). Please leave a notes if you want specific color.

Free learning resource:

  1. There is a free learning booklet within your order that can teach you all the basics.

  2. Follow us on Facebook @littlekalimbashop, we will upload kalimba tabs and mini tutorials regularly.

  3. Check this link for some simple yet sweet songs we made for beginners! (we will keep on updating more tabs)

No need for any musical background! All the notes are engraved on the kalimba keys (both in number and in CDEFGAB). Play the corresponding number or letter, you will have a beautiful melody in no time. 

Mini 8 keys kalimba Tuning:

Kalimbas are pre-tuned in C, you can play it right away when you received the order. However, 8 keys kalimba scale is slightly different with other model.

The default scale from left to right is A E C G A D G C, which is the pentatonic scale. It is the sound on a piano when you only play black keys. The best thing about this scale is no matter how you play, it will sound like a beautiful oriental song. Therefore, without any music background you can improvise like a pro. 

As there are only 8 keys, the repertoire that this model can play is relatively limited compare to 17 keys or 21 keys, you can tune the mini kalimba to the keys that suit you if you need to play specific piece. 

After-sale service:

30 days money back guarantee. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

One-year warranty on all kalimba order.

We want you to have the best shopping experience, that is why we have the best return policy (please check in our policy page).

If you got any question, feel free to contact our excellent customer service team on (Same-day reply 95% of the time).


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Kalimba Mini 8 Key

It was very well received by my grandchild. Thank you.