Fun Easy-To-Learn Musical Instruments

Instruments For The Classroom

Unlock the magic of music in your classroom with our exceptional range of unique musical instruments. Steel tongue drums, lyre harps, kalimbas, cajon and djembe drums offer an array of benefits that will positively impact your students' learning experience.

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Cajon and Djembe Drums

Rhythm is the heartbeat of music, and these drums bring it to life. Cajon and Djembe drums offer a dynamic and interactive experience, allowing students to explore different beats, tempos, and cultural rhythms. Drumming is known to improve focus, coordination, and motor skills while fostering a strong sense of unity and collaboration within the classroom.

Steel Tongue Drums

These mesmerizing instruments provide a captivating and meditative experience. Known for their calming properties, steel tongue drums can help create a peaceful atmosphere in the classroom, fostering focus and relaxation. The gentle tones produced by striking the tongues promote a sense of tranquility and can even aid in reducing stress and anxiety levels among students.


With their melodic and soothing sound, kalimbas are excellent instruments for introducing rhythm and melody to students. They are easy to play and provide a hands-on experience that encourages fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination. Kalimbas also foster a sense of achievement as students quickly produce pleasing melodies.

Perfect! The 8 key mini kalimbas are the perfect size for our younger school students. They love playing them and even practice during recess and lunch breaks because they are that easy to learn. Couldn’t recommend a better instrument for children. No more screeching recorders!! The instruments arrived on time, in perfect condition and the staff are incredibly helpful when answering queries.


We ordered 2 Kalimbas and 3 of the tongue drums for our classroom of year 4's and they have loved it! If they are restless bringing out the instruments allows they to calm down and focus on the sounds. Will be purchasing more and recommend to any teacher!

Jose H.