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Buy a Kalimba Online and Play Music Wherever You Go

A kalimba is an unusual traditional African percussion musical instrument that originated in central and southern Africa around 1 000BC. It consists of several thin metal blades, the keys, mounted on a block of wood, called the soundbox or soundboard, more modern kalimba soundboards are made from acrylic as well. The kalimba is more commonly known as a thumb piano, sanza, or likembé. The Little Kalimba Shop provides you with information and lessons as well as the option to buy a kalimba online with delivery Australia wide.

Benefits of Buying from Little Kalimba Shop

We import the best quality kalimba instruments, making it possible for you to buy a kalimba in Australia. We keep stock on hand to ensure delivery can be as quick as possible, allowing you to start learning and playing the best kalimba as soon as possible.

  • We stock a variety of high-quality, handmade wooden kalimbas which include the eight-key mini kalimbas, 17- and 21-key kalimbas, and the more modern Kimi acrylic kalimba. We also sell kalimba stands, travel bags, tremoro chains which add some Zen to the sound, and the eight-key Sapele mini kalimba necklace.
  • We have a select range of 17 and 21-key kalimbas that we offer as a premium kit that comes with a hard case and linen drawstring bag, learning booklet, tuning hammer, cleaning cloth, silicone finger guards, note stickers, tremolo chain, and a tassel.
  • If you subscribe to our newsletter, we will provide you with access to free kalimba tabs of popular songs each month.
  • Our kalimbas come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty.

What is the Best Kalimba To Buy?

The folks at Sydney’s Little Kalimba Shop will assist you in choosing the right kalimba for you. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced kalimba player, our personal recommendation for the best-sounding kalimba comes down to the customer.

  • We stock a variety of kalimba brands like Hluru, Lingting, and Kimi. We also stock kalimba accessories that will further enhance your player experience.
  • Our kalimbas are handmade from high-quality maple, African padauk, African walnut, rosewood, and acacia wood. The keys are from ore steel.
  • We have sound videos attached in our product descriptions so you can hear what a kalimba sounds like before you buy it.

When Buying a Kalimba Online Consider This

The design of the kalimba results in different tones, the shape, and type of wood used to make the soundboard plays a part too. Also bear in mind that the sound may vary depending on humidity and temperature. When deciding to buy a kalimba, first choose the shape you like and then the colour.

  • The flat board kalimba has the clearest tone. The hole in the centre of the Hollow Board kalimba creates unique “wah-wah” sounds when moving your fingers over the keys over the soundhole. The hollow body board kalimba creates warm tones. The acrylic Kimi kalimba creates quieter tones as the material does not vibrate as much as wood.
  • The most suitable kalimba for a beginner is a 17-key kalimba, it is a comfortable size to hold, the keys or tabs are easy to find and they offer enough range to play the majority of the popular pieces. We recommend the hollow board kalimba with the hollow sound hole in the centre.
  • No musical background is needed to play the kalimba, and with about fifteen minutes of practice a day, you’ll be wowing your family and friends with your new skill. There are several websites with tutorials, and tabs available as well.
  • A kalimba is small and light so you can take it with you anywhere. They have little impact on the environment and don’t make as much noise as most other instruments, making them just perfect for people who live in share-housing or are close to their neighbours.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Little Kalimba Shop

We are an online store stocking various brands of high-quality wood and acrylic kalimbas and kalimba accessories. We offer delivery within Australia, and since our stock is in Sydney, we can ensure you will receive your order within two weeks. When looking for a suitable kalimba for sale, we have a variety of brands suitable for beginners to experienced players. We make it easier to choose a kalimba with sound test videos available in the product description of most of the kalimbas we stock. Many people have said they have found playing the kalimba to be meditative as the ethereal sound is so peaceful.

Contact us to find out more about the right kalimba for you and find the musician hidden in you.