8-Key Kalimba

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The 8-key kalimba thumb piano has a peaceful, ethereal sound. It is much easier to learn than the majority of percussion instruments, and it provides tranquil joy to the player and the listener.

What You Should Know About the 8-Key Kalimba in Australia

We started selling kalimbas during the 2020 quarantine period in Australia to provide our customers with a creative, uncomplicated, and enjoyable learning experience and help them pass the time constructively.

  • Kalimba playing is a meditative experience that calms your restless feelings. By practising fifteen minutes a day, you can learn how to play this instrument within no time!
  • Experiment with the otherworldly sounds, try out diverse musical elements and be inspired by the unexpectedly different notes and melodies the tiny instrument creates.
  • A member of the idiophone family of plucked musical instruments, the kalimba is also known as a Lamellaphone. Small, staggered metal tines are fastened to a wooden board on one side. When you press the free end with your thumb or finger and release, the plate vibrates to a particular note.
  • The kalimba is generally tuned to a standard C or G scale. Ours are available with a tuning hammer so you can alter the pitch to suit the music or enable more than one person to play the same song together while generating different sounds.

The kalimba is not a noisy instrument, which means that you can play it anywhere at any time without causing a disturbance. It is so small and light that you can take it with you wherever you go.

A Short Buyer’s Guide for Your 8-Key Kalimba Online

You don’t need a musical background to learn to play the kalimba. Learn to improvise a lovely melody by following the notes engraved in letters and numbers on the keys and in no time, you’ll be an expert!

  • Our Hlura 8-keys Maple Mini Kalimba is handmade, crafted with exquisite care and style, producing the purest of notes.
  • Crafted out of maple, which is considered a ‘tone-wood’, this Kalimba produces a unique sound and quality because of its density and strength. The keys are manufactured of ore steel tines that deliver a clear, bright timbre.
  • Our 8 kalimba is tuned to the pentatonic scale, comes in a drawstring linen bag accompanied by a mini learning booklet, note stickers, and a tuning hammer.

We also stock the 8-key Mini Kalimba Necklace made of Sapele wood. The volume and resonance are as diminutive as the ornament, but it is a rare accessory you can use to play simple songs.

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