17-Key Kalimba

A Solid Wood, Handmade, Beautifully Carved- and Sounding 17-Key Kalimba Selection

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How did the 17-Key Kalimba Come to Be?

The kalimba is a westernised version modelled after the mbira group of African percussive musical instruments. The varying styles endured for thousands of years and had numerous layouts, designs, and tunings.

  • The Shona in Zimbabwe and the people of Mozambique made and played these instruments approximately 1,300 years ago. This African musical instrument became known when ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracey started manufacturing and distributing it to the rest of the world in the 1950s.
  • The mbira plucking instrument traditionally consisted of a wooden board, which was frequently fitted with a resonator, and bamboo tines attached on one side. The tines, later made of metal, are mainly plucked with the thumbs, the right forefinger, and − at times − the left forefinger.
  • Musicologists categorise the mbira as a lamellaphone, which forms part of the idiophone type of musical instruments. It was and still is customarily played at social gatherings, weddings, and religious ceremonies.

The musician, Thomas Mapfumo, used the mbira with modern rock instruments such as electric lead and bass guitars, a drum kit, and horns when he performed in the 1980s. His playlist included many traditional songs typically played on the mbira, and his shows introduced it to a new and broader audience.

Tips Regarding Our 17-Key Kalimba Online

There are many kinds of kalimba instruments, and you need to choose the one that resonates with you. The most popular types are the wooden flat board, the acrylic flat board, the hollow body with a bottom sound hole and the hollow body with a middle sound hole. View our range here.

  • Discover our 17-key, solid mixed wood Acacia and Maple Hluru Kalimba with exquisite sunflower carvings. The tone is richly textured, and the wood provides a long-lasting sound. The soft-touch keys are made of ore steel that delivers a pure and intense timbre. This Kalimba is suited comfortable to play on, and is well-suited to beginners.
  • Accessories include a drawstring bag made of linen, a tuning hammer, cleaning cloth, note stickers, and a booklet containing a basic melody practice tutorial and song tabs.

Inspect our entire range, including the 17 Keys Hluru Flat Board Maple Kalimba, 17 Keys Hluru Kalimba Walnut, and the Hluru 8-keys Maple Mini Kalimba.

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